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Catholic Charities Information and Appointments Number  |  920-272-8234 

Website: www.catholiccharitiesgb.org

As a community of missionary disciples, the Catholic Charities and Living Justice Mission Team strives to live out the mission of the Gospel in serving those who are most in need in our communities by embodying Matthew 25 and by promoting the social teachings of the Church, especially as they relate to issues of justice and human dignity. Through the Office of Catholic Charities and the Office of Living Justice, our mission team works to meet the direct needs of people in our community, while also advocating for those in need by calling attention to the systemic issues that contribute to injustice in our society. In all we do, we are committed to bringing the love of Christ to everyone we serve.

Mission Team Leader

Girotti Fr John 2015Karmen Lemke  |  920-272-8226
Mission Team Leader




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The Office of Living Justice serves the needs of the community by raising awareness about issues of injustice and attacks on human dignity and applying the wisdom of the Church to these issues. By sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, we strive to inspire people to develop creative and life-giving responses to injustice in our community - locally, nationally, and globally. Through education, advocacy, collaboration, and communication, we work to address the systemic issues that contribute to injustice in our society and to be a voice for those whose voices are often silenced.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay is here for you, and for those you care for, during some of life’s most challenging moments. We share the love of Christ with those we serve by providing a variety of services to all individuals regardless of their religious affiliation or beliefs. Since our founding in 1918, we have served the needs of the 16 counties in the Diocese of Green Bay. Five offices with full-time coverage and additional outreach offices mean help is available throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.

The main website for Catholic Charities is www.newcatholiccharities.org and we invite you to explore this site to learn more about us and reach out to us at one of our locations if you have any need related to services described here.

Catholic Foundation Direct Number  | 920-272-8197

Website | www.catholicfoundationgb.org

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Green Bay, Inc. was established in 1997 to encourage financial stewardship and generosity by providing an avenue for faith-based giving.

These are our guiding principles:

  • Practice stewardship.
  • Be accountable to our donors.
  • Be faithful to the Church's mission.

The Catholic Foundation promotes planned and deferred giving for endowment funds that benefit Catholic parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations. The Catholic Foundation also conducts the annual Bishop's Appeal to benefit the ministries and services of the Diocese of Green Bay.

Diedrich JoshJosh Diedrich  |  920-272-8197
Executive Director


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The Clergy & Parish Leadership Mission Team seeks to form disciples and missionary leaders across the diocese with an infectious, missionary zeal that will win souls for Jesus Christ. At the heart of our call to become disciples is to:

  • Grow in relationship with Jesus - Discover Jesus
  • Learn from Him - Follow Jesus
  • Deepen our love for his body, the Catholic Church - Worship Jesus
  • Take that love out into the world to share it with others - Share Jesus

This team will provide for the growth of all leaders in spiritual maturity through an introduction to the great spiritual treasury of the Church. It will identify, train and inspire missionary leaders who form disciples and missionary leaders of others.

Mission Team Leader

Ferris Fr Luke 2015Very Rev. Luke Ferris  |  920-272-8165
Mission Team Leader & Vicar for Clergy and Pastoral Leaders


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The Office of the Diaconate seeks to serve the Diocese by the full expression of Holy Orders.  Specifically, to have deacons who are “…men who desire to encounter the Lord, who receive his love as their way of being and who carry his capacity to listen for pain in the human heart all the while knowing where relief for that pain is found within the Church.”  Deacons provide a ministry of accompaniment, being constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others...expectantly…in any place: on the street, in a city square, during work, on a journey. The deacon walks with the marginalized, helping them make gradual steps toward restored sacramental communion. The formation arm of the Office of the Diaconate exists to assist in the discernment, formation and accompaniment of candidates for diaconal service to the church of the Diocese of Green Bay.

As part of the Discipleship and Leadership Formation Mission Team, the Office of Clergy and Pastoral Leaders helps form leaders of parishes to love Jesus and share Him with others. We provide experiences to teach leadership and encounter God. In this way, leaders of parishes grow closer to Jesus and the people of God. And through communication like this website, priests, deacons and pastoral leaders become more accountable to Him and their people. 

The Office of Vocations is responsible for the promotion of discovering God's particular call for disciples in the Diocese of Green Bay. Of the four particular vocations, the emphasis for this Office is on priestly vocations and providing pastors for our parishes. The Vocation Director and his team helps bring awareness to the call to the priesthood within the Diocese as well as working the seminarians in formation to become priests.

The Office of Parish Operations and Mission Planning provides:

  • Consultation, guidelines, and training for parish leadership, staff and volunteers in organizational effectiveness and parish operations
  • Training and assistance in establishing parish mission plans in alignment with the vision and mission of the Diocese of Green Bay

The focus of this team is to provide a strong culture of Catholic discipleship and academic excellence in the schools, as well as discipleship and catechesis in religious education, youth ministry, young adult ministry and campus ministry. This team will assist and empower parents in building homes of discipleship and active engagement in their parish and school, ministries and communities.

Mission Team Leader

ToddMurphy Peter Blahnik  |  920-272-8273
Mission Team Leader




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Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) in the Diocese of Green Bay proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ on our college campuses by forming faith communities that gather together in prayer, service and fellowship. We nourish the faith while fostering intentional discipleship in Christ. We inspire responsible and passionate leaders for the Church and the world. We present opportunities for all to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ, allowing the students faith to be foundational and integral part of the collegiate experience.  CCM supports students, faculty and staff in answering the call to live lives of holiness and joyfully witness to the Gospel. 

Camp Tekakwitha is a year-round Catholic camp in Shawano, Wisconsin which serves people of all faiths through summer camp, school retreats, and a variety of group events. We welcome people of all ages to encounter Jesus Christ in an inclusive environment focused on deepening faith foundations, building long-lasting relationships, and experiencing new and exciting adventures through the ideals of the Catholic Church.

Camp Tekakwitha Website - WWW.CAMPTEKAKWITHA.ORG

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Green Bay are a community of parents, teachers, administrators, clergy and religious with values rooted in the Catholic faith, all working together to provide our students with a strong foundation to become missionary disciples.  We assist Catholic schools in the formation of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social lives. The schools, in turn, provide opportunities for students, families, faculty, staff and board members to grow in a commitment to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

As part of the Families and Schools of Discipleship Mission Team, the Office of Child and Youth Faith Formation supports, trains and partners with catechetical leaders and youth ministers in our parishes to form young missionary disciples who will dynamically and faithfully live and share our Catholic Faith all the days of their lives. We do this through programs, initiatives and events that equip, resource and train catechetical leaders, youth ministers, teachers, catechists and volunteer youth workers. In addition to these, we plan, organize and create programs, pilgrimages, retreats and experiences that evangelize, disciple, equip and catechize children and youth – forming and empowering them to become Missionary Disciples.

We offer resources and guidelines for Foundational Catechetical Certification, Confirmation, approved religion textbooks, curriculum, youth ministry, best practices, RE & YM newsletter and information on upcoming events – trainings, discipleship formation workshops, in-services, retreats, conferences and special events. pdf View the 2019-2020 calendar. (393 KB)

The Office of Marriage, Family Life and Pro-Life is in the business of promoting, strengthening and supporting marriage at all sages, not just engagement. Our office offers programming on a variety of topics for married couples and offers support to parishes in delivering the same. 

discipleship parishlife missionteamheader2022 min

The Discipleship and Parish Life Mission team inspires, supports, and equips parish staff, volunteers, and parishioners in their efforts to proclaim the Gospel through the mission and ministries of the Catholic Church. Each of our offices provides events, formation, services, resources, and outreach to respond to your local parish needs. Our team members are ready to help!

Stanz JulianneJulianne Stanz  |  920-272-8270
Mission Team Leader


discipleship parishlife missionteamquote

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A more detailed list of contacts is available by clicking the underlined name of any office or mission team.

Our office seeks to inspire, form, and equip disciples to become missionary leaders who share the Gospel throughout the world and become disciple makers.

We serve Bishop Ricken and the Diocese by providing liturgical formation and policy as well as coordinate Diocesan and Episcopal liturgies. This office also works to provide liturgical and catechumenal (RCIA) resources and overall support for the liturgical and sacramental life of the parishes and agencies of the Diocese.

El Ministerio Hispano tiene como principal objetivo trabajar bajo la Vision y Mision de la Diocesis de Green Bay,   unidos a los objetivo del  Obispo David  L. Ricken. Algunas  de las  principales funciones del Ministerio Hispano  es ser  un vínculo  entra la comunidad hispana y la Diócesis para proveer información,  talleres, cursos u otros medios que buscan la formación de líderes parroquiales  hispanos que se encuentren colaborando activamente  en sus parroquias.  Es así  que  buscamos trabajar juntos para contrarrestar  las necesidades actuales  que surgen en la comunidad hispana en este país. 

Hispanic Ministry's main objective is to work under the Vision and Mission of the Diocese of Green Bay, united with the vision of Bishop David L. Ricken. The main functions of Hispanic Ministry is to be a link between the Hispanic community and the Diocese to provide information, workshops, courses or other resources that seek the formation of Hispanic parish leaders who are actively collaborating in their parishes. This is how we seek to work together to address the current needs that arise in the Hispanic community in this country.

via ya ministries 250x250Via Young Adults provides support, formation, and training for leaders in ministering to the young adults in their communities. We also host opportunities for growth and fellowship among young adults within the Diocese of Green Bay.

Via Young Adults Website



The Office of Lay Leader Formation accompanies the baptized in their response to God’s call to be missionary disciples, specifically assisting those who are discerning a call to lay leadership in the Catholic Church.  This Office provides formation for ministerial leaders committed to service in parishes throughout the Diocese of Green Bay through the Emmaus Program and the Discípulos de Cristo Program.

This team has an operational focus to work cross- functionally as they support and implement the strategy with each of the Curia Teams and Parishes. The Mission Resource and Support Team is made up of each of the functional areas of the diocese and focus on developing and delivering best practices, shared knowledge and resources, and operational excellence as they work in partnership to elevate the mission, vision and values of the diocese.

Mission Team Co-Leaders

Basten TammyTammy Basten  |  920-272-8175
Mission Team Leader


A more detailed list of contacts is available by clicking the underlined name of any office or mission team.

The Office of Administration coordinates organizational duties and oversees those who hold offices and minister in diocesan administration. The office is overseen by the vicar general and moderator of the curia, and the associate moderator, who exercise the bishop's ordinary executive power over the entire diocese. 

The Office of the Bishop provides support resources for the bishop as he shepherds the local church of the Diocese of Green Bay. The bishop is responsible for the spiritual direction of not only all Catholics, but the over one million souls residing within the diocese.  The bishop governs the diocese as a portion of the universal Church.  

The Office of Canonical Services conducts legal governance of the diocese, in line with Church teaching, legislation, and the 1983 Code of Canon Law. Responsibilities include promoting and protecting the obligations, rights, and privileges of all Catholics in the diocese; advising the bishop on matters related to Church law and governance; ruling on matters concerning the sacrament of marriage; and serving as a resource for Catholics on matters of doctrine and morality.

The Office of the Chancellor is responsible for ensuring that the acts of the curia are drawn up and dispatched for safekeeping in the archives. It is further responsible for maintaining diocesan documents and records, and for assisting parishes and diocesan agencies in canonical, liturgical and civil matters.

The Office of the Chancellor includes:

Archives  - CLICK HERE
Safe Environment - CLICK HERE

 Letter of Good Standing Request Form - Priest & Deacons - CLICK HERE

The Office of Communications, which includes The Compass, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Green Bay, is the resource for all public inquiries associated with the ministry and mission of the diocese. The office is charged with supporting the communication needs of the bishop; advancing the vision, mission and values of the diocese; promoting the good works of her members; and sharing exceptional written and digital content across of variety of media. 

Visit The Compass now at www.thecompassnews.org.

The Office of Facilities and Properties assists the bishop in ensuring that the stewardship of all properties, physical plant and other tangible assets of the diocese are effectively administered. The office provides a variety of materials to help parishes, schools, and cemeteries practice good stewardship in the care of their properties and physical plant.

The Office of Finance and Accounting is responsible for managing the temporal resources of the diocese. This includes administering all the diocesan investments, as well as the operating and capital budgets for diocesan administration.

The Office of Human Resources supports the diocese by promoting a work environment characterized by fair treatment of employees, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. The office provides solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the vision, mission and values of the diocese through the administration of personnel programs and policies, and applicable federal and state laws.

Current Job Opportunities - CLICK HERE

The Office of Marriage Tribunal is a church court that examines petitions from parties looking to have their marriage declared null and void. The office ministers to divorced men and women, both Catholics and non-Catholics, who are looking to marry in the Church.  

Click GENERAL DIOCESAN INBOX to send a message to the Office of Communications to be properly routed within our organization.